Logging in 

Your ‘Login’ link is located in the footer of your website. Clicking this link will take you to a log in page where you can enter a username and password.  


If you have a Net ID, you will need to skip the 'Username' and 'Password' fields and click the ‘University of Illinois Login’ button. This will take you to a secure login page where you can enter your NetID and password. 

Screenshot of login screen with University of Illinois login button highlighted



 The toolbar

Once you’ve logged in using your NetID, you should see a toolbar on the left side of your browser window. If you do not see this toolbar after logging in to your website, please contact your department web administrator for access.  


Screenshot of admin toolbar

  1. Content – The Content menu is where you can access an overview of all pages on your site.  From here, you can also create new pages and manage media files. 

  2. Structure - The Structure menu contains settings for your navigation menu and taxonomies (tags, research areas, etc.) 

  3. Configuration – The Configuration menu contains settings for URL redirects. It also has additional Media settings, which you should not need to use. 

  4. Help – This menu will take you to additional Drupal help topics. 

  5. View/Edit/Delete/Revisions - If you see this bar, it means you have permissions to edit the page. Click the ‘Edit’ tab to make changes to your page. Click the ‘Delete’ tab to delete a page (NOTE: This action cannot be undone). Click the ‘Revisions’ tab to see different versions of your page and who edited them. You can also revert back to previous versions of a page.