1. On your website, navigate to  'Administration' >  'Structure' > 'Block layout'
  2. Locate the breadcrumbs block and click the button to enable it. It will now show on all pages.


Screenshot of breadcrumbs block that is disabled


NOTE: To hide the breadcrumbs on specific pages like the home page:

  1. Note the path of the page you want to hide it on.
  2. Go to  'Administration' >  'Structure' > 'Block layout'
  3. Locate the 'Breadcrumb' block and select 'Configure' from the dropdown to the right.
  4. Under the 'Visibility' section, select 'Pages'.
  5. Type the page path in the box and make sure 'Hide for the listed pages' is selected as a radio button.


Screenshot of the breadcrumb block configuration screen