The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) text editor gives you the ability to format your content and add links/media. This text editor is available on the Body field, the Rich Text paragraph, and other paragraphs with Rich Text fields. 

The WYSIWYG Toolbar
Screenshot of WYSIWYG toolbar


Icon  Name Description
bold italic subscript superscript


Bold, Italic, Subscript, and superscript  These options will format your text, similar to a Word document.
Link and Unlink

Links to internal or external paths can be added with the link button. Highlight the text you wish to make into a link and click the link button. A separate configuration window will load. You can edit an existing link by placing the cursor on the link and clicking the link button. To unlink text, highlight or place your cursor inside the link and click the unlink button.

Anchor You can create an anchor link to content within a page that loads the page where the Anchor exists in the page. This is helpful to create "jump to" content. Place your cursor where you would like the anchor and click the Anchor button. A separate configuration window will load. Enter an Anchor Name (preferably one word) and click OK. To link to this anchor, add a link and type in #youranchorname into the URL field.
Lists There are two types of lists you can create. Unordered (bullet points) and ordered (numbered).
block quote
Block Quote To pull a selection of text out into a styled block quote, highlight the text you wish to make into a block quote and click the Block Quote icon.
Video embed
Video Embed

To embed a video from an external source (YouTube or Media Space), place your cursor where you would like to embed your video and click the Video Embed Icon. A separate window will pop up. Enter the URL of your video and click Save.

Insert from Media Library To insert an image, video, or audio file, click this icon. A separate window will pop up. Follow the prompts to upload a new media file or insert an existing file.
Format Choose an option from the dropdown menu to format your text. You can choose headings H2-H6. Be sure use headlines semantically and not out of order.
Styles button
Styles Used to style buttons. First, create a link. Then, select you link and click 'Styles' to open the dropdown menu. Select a button style to apply to your link.
Table Click on the Table icon to insert a table. A separate configuration window will pop up. Click OK, then type directly into your table cells.
Source code This button toggles between the WYSIWYG view and the source code. Advanced users only. Requires some knowledge of HTML.