Drupal for Illinois Websites

Illinois Drupal Framework 2.1 is available


The WIGG Drupal team has released the next version of their Drupal framework. This release sees several new features as well as a number of bug fixes. A complete list of features and functionality can be found on the Drupal WebTheme site and installation and upgrade instructions can be found on the GitHub documentation. The Drupal framework is intended to be hosted on the campus cPanel service, but can be run on any server that supports the necessary services. If you find any issues or want to suggest new features, please submit a ticket to the GitHub issue tracker.

New Features

  • New component to integrate WebTools Calendar widgets.
  • New display style for new stories called Hover box.
  • Support for Campus Toolkit 2.5 Components
  • Table editing tools in the content editor
  • Better integration of campus logins

Notable bug fixes

  • Improved formatting of image and lists in certain areas on Content Pages
  • More consistent formatting of summary text in listings.
  • Improved mobile display styling
  • Image caption displays have proper widths to match the image
  • Removed deprecated image insert option
  • Various small fixes throughout the tool

Additional updates will continue to be released on a roughly monthly basis as we continue to make improvements, adopt more of the web components being developed and add more functionality to the framework.  If you have interest in using the framework, please give it a try, leave some feedback, and join our community.

There are several code repositories that come together to complete this framework and the best way to get started is to visit the Illinois_framework_project repository for detailed instructions. 

The WIGG team is here to help you get started using these tools, though we DO NOT have the capacity to perform actual deployments for units or “build you a website”.  The best way to get involved is to join our MS Teams group (WIGG Drupal) and from there you can join our bi-weekly online meetings. 

A HUGE thanks to everyone that collaborated to create this package.  There’s lots more to do, but this has been a major effort already.  Some of the key Drupal people who contributed to this are below but, by its very nature, there is work being done at the Design, WordPress, and Web Component levels that trickle down to this team.  It’s been a campus-wide group effort!

  • Nate Baxley - LAS
  • Julieanne Chapman – Tech Services
  • David Cross – ACES
  • Robbie Gascoigne - LAS
  • Bill Gutierrez – ACES
  • Maggie Jarvis - LAS
  • Tyler Rubach - LAS
  • Liz Shallenberger – ACES
  • Melissa Waller - ACES

This documentation site is running on Drupal Framework 2.1.