To access header settings for the Illinois Framework Theme, go to:

 Appearance > Settings > Illinois Framework Theme, as shown below.

drupal appearance screenshot

The menu below provides options to control display settings.

drupal display options menu screenshot


Header Settings

  1. Header Link List allows you to add up to 3 links in the upper right-hand corner of the header. You must enter text to display, as well as a full url. Relative urls will not work here.
  2. Secondary Site Title allows you to add a parent college or affiliated organization. For example, for the Department of Animal Sciences, the parent is College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.
  3. Site Name is updated in the basic settings, not the theme settings. 


    drupal header options screenshot


Parent Colleges or Affiliated Organizations

  1. Scroll down to the Parent Colleges or Affiliated Organizations section. Add up to 5 units, along with their website urls.  These will be listed on the left side of your footer. 

drupal parnet colleges screenshot