Get the code

There are several code repositories that come together to complete this framework and the best way to get started is to visit the Illinois_framework_project repository for detailed instructions. 

Start customizing

These steps can be done through the Drupal user interface.

Basic site settings:

  1. Site name
  2. Site email address
  3. Set home page

Illinois Framework Theme settings:

  1. Secondary site name
  2. Header link list (shows in top right of header)
  3. Footer address, phone
  4. Footer social links
  5. Footer multiple parent links
  6. Footer single body or multiple lists of links
  7. Footer legal links

Side Navigation settings:

  1. Side navigation - change visibility level to 2 and unlimited. Use active trail's root title.


Custom development

Usually requires a web developer to finish these steps for your website.

  1. Hide home page title
  2. Add search 
  3. Add google analytics
  4. Hide breadcrumbs
  5. Related news blocks
  6. Featured news blocks