Screenshot of News page


  1. Go to Content > Add Content > News 
    Screenshot of Add content menu with 'Add content' and 'News' highlighted
  2. Type a title in the Title field 

  3. Type a Subtitle (optional) 

  1. Add an Author(s) (optional). Multiple authors can be separated by a comma. 

  1. Edit the Date Published (optional). By default, the date published will be today’s date,  but if this is a previously published story, the date field can be edited to reflect that. 

  1. Type or paste in your news story content in the Body field. For instructions on how to edit text in the body field, see the section on the WYSIWYG toolbar.

  2. Add Paragraphs (optional). 

  3. If your story comes form an external news source, type or paste in the URL into the Story Source(s) URL field. The Link text is optional, but recommended if you have a long URL. If you have multiple story sources, you can add additional sources by clicking the ‘Add another item’ button.

  4. Screenshot of story source fields

  5. Tags (need more info).

  1. Upload a Featured Image. This image will not show up in the News story itself, but will be used as a thumbnail on Highlighted News blocks and News Archive pages. 

    Screenshot of news archive with featured images
    News archive page with an article that has no featured image vs. an article with a featured image
  1. Click the ‘Save’ button at the top of the page.