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To see more examples of the Icon Row paragraph in action, visit the Icon Row demo page.

  1. Select ‘Add Icon Row’ from the Paragraphs dropdown. 

    Screenshot of paragraphs menu with 'Add Icon Row' highlighted

  1. Select an option from the ‘Section Background’ dropdown. This will be the background color of your row. 

  1. Select an option from the ‘Icon  Size’ dropdown. This option controls the size of all the icons within this row. You can choose Small or Large icons. 

  1. Add a Section Title (optional). 

  1. Under ‘Icon Row Content’ select an option from the ‘Icon’ dropdown. This list is a textual representation of all the icons available for use. If you would like to see a list of what each icon looks like, visit the Web Component Builder. 

    Screenshot of expanded icon list

  2. Add Callout text (optional). This text will be the headline that appears under your icon. 

  3. Add Text (optional). This text will be the text that appears under your icon. 

  1. Add a Link (optional). This URL will link to your text in the Text field. 

  1. To add additional Icons to your Icon Row, click the ‘Add Icon Row content’ button. A maximum of 8 icons can be added per Icon Row.