Linking to an internal or external web page:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to make into a link
    screenshot of highlighted link text
  2. Click the 'Link' button in the toolbar
    screenshot of toolbar with link icon highlighted
  3. To link to a page on your website, start typing the title of the page and select it from the list. Click Save to add your internal link. 
    screenshot of internal link list
  4. To link to an external website, type or paste in the external URL. Click Save to add your external link
    screenshot of external link window

Linking to a document:

  1. Follow the first two steps above
  2. Click on the Media Library button
    screenshot of link window with Media Library higlighted
  3. Click the Document tab and either choose an existing document from the list below or click the 'Choose file' button to upload a new document from your computer.
    screenshot of document upload window
  4. Click the 'Insert selected' button, then click Save